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What Our Happy Members Say?

"I can say from personal experience, the community you’ve created at Micro SaaS along with your researched ideas has changed the way that I validate and start my projects! I went from building for the sake of building to verifying there’s market fit ahead of time. And the collaboration and open feedback we give to each other in the community has been amazing to see! I wouldn’t be where I am now without all the work you’ve put into building this! Well done!"

Christian Helvin, Director of Engineering @tithelyapp

"After failing fast on 5 startup ideas I finally decided to try someone else's and subscribed to the Pro version of Micro SaaS Ideas. Fantastic community! People are very helpful, and you can be sure you will get a warm response from your peers here."

Artyom Smirnov, Founder, Jelytics.com

"100x better grasp of industries analyzed. The newsletter is so dense in value that sometimes I don’t feel ready to open it."

Spyros, Head of Content at GrowthMentor

"It's a very strong community of experienced saas creators, holding each other to accountable and sharing insights to building saas products and achieving PMF."

Korede, Backend Engineer at Climedo

"Hey mate, just wanted to say thanks for all your content. Your newsletter is awesome. I am still yet to pull the trigger on anything myself but getting more and more confident after reading your stuff. I am a software engineer by day, so have the technical chops, just need the idea & to go for it. But yeah I just wanted to say thank you."

Shan8851.eth , Software Engineer, UniWhales DAO

"I've been curating online communities for Hive Index, and therefore have come across many communities for founders. But not many like Micro SaaS HQ! The incredible research & analysis that goes into the validated startup ideas database is already worth joining for, but the supportive community of talented makers seals the deal."

Fed, Founder thehiveindex.com and gummysearch.com

"Upen has deep knowledge of SaaS, I am a big fan of him. He shares insights from a wide range of domains."

Kamban, Founder elephas.app

"It's a place for people to share ideas, gain feedback, sound things out, and find people that might be able to fill skills gaps & partner up."

Pingu, All-Round (Full Stack Web, Desktop, Game, Web3) Developer

"I joined this community a while ago and so happy I did. Definitely worth joining if you're even a little bit interested. 🚀"

Leo Morejon

"I've been following Upen since last almost 2 years his research & expertise on SaaS is perfect & that's what he is exactly publishing. Absolutely loving it. Upen, I specially liked AI / GPT3 ideas you have published it certainly changed my perspective. Keep up the good work."

Jimmy Dave, Founder, boostreferral.com

"I love the idea of helping it be easier for Makers to create micro saas and products to help sustain an Indie lifestyle. Check it out if you want to turn your hobby into a full time thing."

Michael Novotny, Founder, SideProjectStack.com

"I just recently became aware of the space myself from. It basically tries to sandbox a SaaS product to 1k-10k MRR. So instead of building the next million dollar idea, it's easier to build a few smaller ones that focus on an existing market."

Michael Liendo, Sr. Developer Advocate, Speaker, Writer

"Micro SaaS is a great community for anyone who is SaaS, Marketing, and planning to move from 0 to 1 or 1M to 10M. The tools, suggestions, and technical know-how are great practical resources"

Varun Kancherla, Digital Marketing Director

"Keeps me up to date with what is in the market. Motivation every time I see the analysis of other saas. I am planning to do saas in the future so this motivates me and give me ideas."

Hazim Saeed, Principal Data Scientist / Manager at UnitedHealth Group

"I've learned and benefited a lot from what you've built with Micro SaaS HQ."

James Saulsky, Building a better way for musicians & photographers to collaborate at PhotographerTonight.com

"Big fan of Upen - clear and informative. Subscriber of Micro SaaS on circle too!."

Lynn Lin, Director of Business Operations @ MOGU

"Really Love what you're building at Micro SaaS HQ. You inspired me to create my first Chrome Extension. Now I'm on a mission to create my First Micro SaaS Product. After completing my Initial test runs and validating the idea. I'll be here to get some guidance from the community and share my learning along. I would love to see more Interviews with Micro-SaaS Founders and their journey toward building a profitable micro-saas business."

Nihal Ahamed, Product & Community Marketer @SaaStock

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