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Micro SaaS HQ began as a humble weekly newsletter for SaaS founders back in 2020, driven by a passion for supporting and empowering solopreneurs and bootstrapped founders in the Micro SaaS space. Since then, it has experienced remarkable growth, evolving into the largest ecosystem for Micro SaaS founders, with over 33,000 subscribers.

Our mission has always been clear: to support solopreneurs and indie founders who aspire to grow big by starting small but dreaming big. We provide a wealth of resources tailored to the unique needs of solopreneurs and indiehackers. Our Pro Reports dive into over 120 niches, offering more than 1000 actionable ideas and straightforward strategies to help you understand and succeed in the competitive landscape..

At Micro SaaS HQ, we're dedicated to your growth as a founder. Our exclusive Micro SaaS community has grown to over 500 members, creating a vibrant space for connection and collaboration. We also maintain a comprehensive database packed with essential resources for launching and scaling your business. Additionally, our digital book ‘Zero to Founders’ has reached nearly 200 solopreneurs, sharing strategies and insights for success. With over 100 interviews with successful bootstrapped founders on FounderBeats, we bring you firsthand experiences and lessons learned from those who've been in your shoes.

Join us at Micro SaaS HQ, where you can access all these resources and connect with like-minded founders committed to growing big by starting small.