3 Micro SaaS Ideas around Cold Outreach

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3 Micro SaaS Ideas around Cold Outreach

Cold email tools can help with targeted outreach and there are many existing SaaS companies generating millions of dollars in revenue. Let’s see some of the Micro-SaaS opportunities around this niche.

Micro SaaS Ideas around Cold Outreach

IDEA #1 - Automated Email Sequence for Outreach

Create a tool that automates a sequence of emails to follow up with cold emails. Most of the times people don’t reply due to their priorities & a few follow-ups are required before a reply. Automate this process of follow-ups.

The tool should send a pre-configured email, wait ‘X’ number of days, if there is no reply, send a follow-up email & then wait for ‘Y’ number days to do another follow-up. Create templates that users can pick and start automation.

The tools should have customization for the number of days to wait before the next step, subject text, email content, etc. The tool should detect the email replies too & send notifications to customers once the cold lead is converted to a warm lead to continue the discussion.

You can further automate this where a demo or a meeting slot is booked automatically and url for the slot is sent to the customer. Tools like these are powerful and save a lot of time for cold email outreach.

IDEA #2 - Cold Emails Automation with OpenAI/GPT-3

Create a tool that can write cold emails using AI-based solutions like OpenAI/GPT-3. This is one of the most popular growing niches.

The tools should be intelligent enough to reply to the email-based in the email context. Instead of using pre-configured messages, tools like these will use AI and generate a dynamic reply. You can add more context by providing the data about the user from your CRM tool to make the replies more dynamic.

IDEA #3 - Complete Auto-Pilot Tool that’s Connected to CRM

Create a complete automation tool that takes care of B2B cold outreach by just connecting the tool to your CRM. Every time a new prospect or contact is added to the CRM, the tool should look for the specific tags for the contact and should initiate a cold email thread for that contact.

To make it more powerful, make sure the tool can be fed with other related data about the contact/prospect. This extra data about the contact person will help the emails to be more dynamic with context.

For example, if the person’s company recently received an award, the email could look like - “Hey Sam, I just read about the XYZ award for your company and it felt great……”.

There could be a lot of parameters that can be connected to a person - may be data from LinkedIn, data from UpLead, data from the latest company news, etc. See MagicSalesBot for inspiration.