3 Micro SaaS Ideas around Decks and Presentations

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3 Micro SaaS Ideas around Decks and Presentations

Interactive Presentation Tool

Making presentations interactive is one of the biggest challenges to any presenter. One of the best methods to make presentations interactive is to use engaging polls, and questions and drive the conversations. Traditional presentation decks lack these features usually.

Create a Micro SaaS that helps make presentations interactive. A few add-ons for something like this would be to add interactive images, video, and infographics as well where people can click through the images/video and infographics to present better to the audience. Another add-on would be to add a feature where the presenter can track the attention of the audience in real time. This would allow the presenter to make changes to the presentation on the go and make it more interesting for the audience. The presenter must also have access to analytics and reporting tools. This would allow the presenter to understand the effectiveness of the presentation and make changes to it based on the feedback received.

AhaSlides , Mentimeter and Genially are a few examples in this space. For example, tools like Genially are just not only used by businesses but also by a large number of educational institutions. Genially’s estimated annual revenue is currently $8.9M. In 2022, Mentimeter reached $21M in Revenue with 80K customers.

Generative AI for Creating Presentations

No matter how many times you create a presentation, creating a new presentation from scratch is a daunting task because of the huge time it takes.

With Generative AI trending exponentially, create a Micro SaaS that can help create presentations on the fly with minimal input from the user. The tools should also let users edit the PPT right inside the tool or at least give them a downloadable asset to edit further. If the Generative AI is decent enough, in most cases, this should cut down at least 50%-60% of the effort required. The Micro SaaS product should have a user-friendly interface that allows users to fill in the basic information about their presentation such as the topic, intended audience, main points, and any special requirements. This information will be used by Generative AI to craft a presentation tailored to the user’s needs. The users can then view the generated presentation and customize it as per their needs. The user should be able to also download the presentation to edit further or share the link with others. This SaaS solution could include access to premade templates, additional customization options, team collaboration, and more.

A few products like MotionIt,, and Magic Slides are doing well in this space. hit $1.9M in revenue in 2022.

AI Voice-Over Generator for Presentations

AI Voice Generators are getting popular with huge search volumes. One of the biggest usages for AI Voice generators is using the generated voice for Presentations. ‘Reusing content’ is one of the best hacks of any industry to save time and build traffic from one single content type. Most companies/businesses want to reuse existing presentations and add voiceovers to them that resemble natural voices and push the presentation with voice-over to places like Youtube and other streaming platforms to drive traffic or build authenticity.

Create a Micro SaaS that can take existing slides as input and a few selections of voices/accents and the Micro SaaS should be able to provide a fully usable video (presentation + audio/voice-over). Some players like Mur built products to generate a voice-over for Google Slides. With tools like these users don’t need to record or spend hours editing voiceovers for their presentations. Users can use the add-on to write and edit the voice-over and create slides simultaneously. See Murf addon for Google Slides to know how this works