3 Micro SaaS Ideas around Recruitment Challenges

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3 Micro SaaS Ideas around Recruitment Challenges

Hiring is a problem that people are happy to pay to have solved. Companies pay hundreds to thousands of dollars to find the right candidate and spend a lot of hours in hiring.

Note: In this, we are not talking about HR tools. We are talking about challenges around hiring and recruitment how we can build solutions for hiring problems.

Three challenges around hiring and how we can build solutions for hiring problems.

Idea #1 - Resume keywords and Tagging

Create a Micro-SaaS product where companies can push the resume to this tool & this tool should be able to read the resume & tag the resume with the required keywords.

For companies where thousands of resumes come in every month, it is practically not possible for companies to go through resumes and may need a pre-process step to process these steps and categorize the resumes based on dominating skills.

You can use tools like AWS Texract , AWS Comprehend to read the resume and use machine learning to tag these resumes at scale. These can help you uncover valuable insights from your text and organize documents by topics.

Idea #2 - Live Coding Interview Tool

Create a Micro SaaS tool that just creates a sharable browser with controls both for recruiter & candidate where they both can see each other via a video call. The tool should automatically create a link that can be accessed by both recruiter & candidate. On click of this link, it should allow video calling along with automatic ‘live coding’ options.

The ability to video and voice means that your hire managers can interview applicants remotely and rapidly while creating a natural interview experience.

Interviewers can easily create an online room and code together with applicants for an intuitive and remote evaluation of real-life skills on the fly. CodeLive & a few other tools are successfully able to run this model.

Idea #3 - Bot to Pre-assess Candidates

Build a Micro SaaS solution that can create a bot with pre-entered questions. For screening a candidate, most companies conduct the first round of phone screening (telephonic interview) and it’s a manual effort most companies want to automate.

Build a web app, where companies can enter the initial set of questions and create a bot out of it. Now candidates can take the first round of interviews from the Interview Bot. Make sure to support multiple-choice questions as well in the bot. If the bot can also support video recording the candidate while the candidate answers the questions, that can be an add-on. This is also called “conversational style” where the bot starts interacting with the candidate as a casual conversation and starts asking questions.

To improve this & charge more for customers, create ready-made conversational bots for various roles that customers can pick and assign to candidates. This way, the customer doesn’t need to worry about building the bot manually or providing the questions manually. Check Adaface.