3 Micro-SaaS Ideas around Mental Health

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3 Micro-SaaS Ideas around Mental Health

‘Mental health' is gaining a lot of importance. With growing remote and work-from-home opportunities, it’s not easy for everyone to keep up with mental health. A well-balanced mental state gives human beings a competitive edge over others. And for remote workers, in particular, it can be even more important.

Predicting this trend, many companies started to build solutions, communities, products, bots around mental health and make thousands of dollars in revenue.

Let’s see some of the niches that you could think of and start generating revenue.

Micro SaaS Ideas around Mental Health Products

Measuring employees well being is not an easy task for companies as tracking the data of each individual across the companies is a tedious task and if companies have to track the data every quarter or every month, it gets complex.

Create a Micro SaaS solution that can track employees’ well-being through various ways (by tracking data on the app, asking questions etc.) and then provide beautiful dashboards for companies to look at this data and gain insights about employees’ well-being. This is a great model with all companies trying to improve employee well-being.

For example, that has built a similar model has an estimated revenue of $1M per year. Woba is a people intelligence platform that makes it easier for organizations to measure and improve employee well-being, engagement, and retention. Woba transforms employee survey feedback into actionable insights that enable you to reduce risks of employee absence and turnover at an early stage.

Therapy coaching is one area that is relatively growing faster with everyone planning to improve their mental health. One of the best ways for this is to do self-paced audio lessons and small exercises to improve mental health.

Create a Micro SaaS that provides an app with audio lessons and timely exercises that help with coping with mental health. For inspiration, see that provides audio theory lessons and practical exercises that will help users handle different mental health problems. If you are wondering if there is a demand for a product like this, see received $200K in funding.

 ****There are thousands of companies already using Slack and the Slack ecosystem has grown to a much bigger ecosystem in the last few years with more and more apps coming to Slack every day.

Create a Micro SaaS that helps people around mental health by helping on Slack. This is more like a bot that runs on Slack and notifies/alerts the users on Slack and gets inputs and provides suggestions. in a similar space founded in 2018 has received $1M in funding. : HeyKona helps your teams fight burnout before it starts. It helps in building psychological safety and track team wellbeing. The same is the call with that received $3.5M funding and has an estimated revenue of $6M/year. SpillChat provides therapy sessions, manager mental health training, and regular feelings check-ins — embedded into the company's Slack.