Micro SaaS HQ - Recap of 2022 and Plan for 2023

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Micro SaaS HQ - Recap of 2022 and Plan for 2023

Micro SaaS Ideas newsletter started roughly in Jan 2021 and eventually crossed 20,000 subscribers by 2022.

Today our Micro SaaS HQ ecosystem is one of the biggest ecosystems exclusively meant for Micro SaaS builders/founders with Deep-dive reports, Micro SaaS trends, Founder interviews and a closed community of builders

What we accomplished in 2022:

  • We started building a much bigger ecosystem around Micro SaaS at Micro SaaS HQ

  • Now our newsletter also covers smaller opportunities that are Non-Micro SaaS like opportunities around Info products, Micro consulting (Fractional CTOs etc), Newsletters, Ebooks, Courses etc too that will help understanding trends better around generating revenue

  • Crossed 20,000 subscribers and are growing strong.

  • Launched Micro SaaS HQ on Product Hunt this year and got into #2 Product of the Day.

  • Launched our Micro SaaS Community this year and we have been active with 500+ Pro subscribers
  • Started covering more insights around Micro SaaS and Founder ecosystem at Micro SaaS HQ Insights
  • We also launched ‘Micro SaaS News in 2 minutes section’ to keep every one upto date on the Micro SaaS trends, Founder ecosystem.
  • Handled hundreds of discussions in our community around various questions related to product-market fit, validating the product ideas/reach, building landing pages etc.

Reports covered so far:

  1. Building Form/Survey/Quiz based Products
  2. Building Products around Twitter
  3. Building Social Proof Products
  4. Website Monitoring tools
  5. Privacy-first analytics products
  6. Products around OpenAI/GPT-3
  7. Building Airtable based products
  8. Building Slack based products
  9. Building Tools like Syften, F5bot etc - Keyword monitoring tools , PMAlerts
  10. Building products around Open source projects
  11. Building products around Notion eco system
  12. Building products around Referral Software for SaaS
  13. Building products around media editiing - video, images, audio etc
  14. Building products around API bundles - both platform based APIs and general APIs
  15. Building Google Sheets based Products
  16. Building products around Marketplaces - various domains and niches
  17. Building products around Online communities
  18. Build Products around AWS AI/ML or GCP AI/ML ecosystem
  19. Building Products around Content Creators
  20. Building Products around Emails
  21. Building Products around Headless Browsers & Headless CMS
  22. Building Products around WordPress ecosystem
  23. Building Products around Customer Experience tools
  24. Building Products around User Feedback and Testimonial tools
  25. Building Products around Domains, Files & Hosting
  26. Building Products around Calendars & Time-tracking tools
  27. Building Products around Shopify ecosystem
  28. Building Products around SaaS Starter Kits
  29. Building Products around Website Builders
  30. Building Products around Curated content & Curated Lists
  31. Buiding business around Productized services
  32. Building Products around Hiring challenges
  33. Building Products around Website Links/URL Links
  34. Building Products around Recurring Tasks, Reminders & Checklists
  35. Building Products around Webflow and Tailwind
  36. Building Products around Bubble
  37. Building Products around Newsletter Tools
  38. Building Products around Blogging & Writing
  39. Building Products around Dashboards & Data Tools
  40. Building Products around Challenges & Habits
  41. Building Products around Billing, Subscriptions & Revenue
  42. Building Products around Remote Work & Digital Nomad Ecosystem
  43. Building Products around Remote Music, Songs & Events
  44. Building Products around Cold Outreach
  45. Building Products around SEO, Keyword Research & Backlinks
  46. Building Products around Microsoft Excel & PowerPoint
  47. Building Products around E-commerce & Online Stores
  48. Building Products around LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok & Other Social Platforms
  49. Building Products around CRM, Product Roadmap and Issue Tracking tools
  50. Building Products around Developers ecosystem
  51. Building Products around Survey & Research Platforms
  52. Building Products around Info Products - Part 1
  53. Building Products around Info Products - Part 2
  54. Building Products around Simple Automations
  55. Building Products around Founders, Makers & Builders - Part 1
  56. Building Products around Founders, Makers & Builders - Part 2
  57. Building Products around AI based services - Part 1
  58. Building Products around AI based services - Part 2
  59. Building Products around AI based services - Part 3
  60. Building Products around Supabase
  61. Building Products around White-Label Products - Part 1
  62. Building Products around White-Label Products - Part 2
  63. Building Products around Cohort based Learning - Part 1
  64. Building Products around Cohort based Learning - Part 2
  65. Building Products around Mental Health
  66. Building Products around Integrations
  67. Building Products around Contextual Data & Research As A Service
  68. Building Products around Growth Hacking
  69. Building Products around AI based E-Commerce Solutions
  70. Building Products around Youtube, Telegram and Instagram
  71. Building Products around News, Comments, Reviews & Search
  72. Building Products around Agencies and Teams
  73. Building Products around Freelancer ecosystem - Part 1
  74. Building Products around Freelancer ecosystem - Part 2
  75. Building Products around Content Generation and Content Repurpose
  76. Building Products around Simple Alternatives to Enterprise Products
  77. Building Products around Job Boards, Resumes, Interview related Tools
  78. Building Products around around SaaS Ecosystem - Part 1
  79. Building Products around around SaaS Ecosystem - Part 2
  80. Building Products around around SaaS Ecosystem - Part 3
  81. Building Products around Twitter Ecosystem
  82. Building Products around AI, GPT-3, Stable Diffusion, DreamBooth - Part 1
  83. Building Products around AI, GPT-3, Stable Diffusion, DreamBooth - Part 2

Some Wins From Community:

  1. Korede Onamade launched , gpt-3 powered essay and statement letter generator for graduate and scholarship applicants
  2. Lynn Lin and team have beta launched - AI-Powered Data Aggregation and Analysis Platform. DataNode provides a dataset of over 68 million products from 150k e-commerce stores.
  3. Will Shan launched - a new storytelling tool for remotely, a fast, simple way to share and present your work. get contextual feedback, and make decisions.
  4. Bhanu built and reached $1000 MRR
  5. Pingu launched, which brings subdomains to the ENS platform within Ethereum.
  6. Ab Advany Launched and reached $1500 MRR - NoCodeMayo allows you to add multiple domains, custom HTTP headers, meta/SEO data, and other stuff to your app.
  7. Arnaud Cortisse launched - a tool to learn a new language using your Kindle e-reader
  8. Kumar Manaswi launched - Hetrolinks is the fastest and easiest way to find and repair affiliate links for free.
  9. Michael Panik launch in beta - a platform that automatically generates social media videos based on text threads from Reddit, Twitter, and more.
  10. Justin Ferriman launched - GapScout analyzes every review written about your business (and your competitors), and then reveals the most profitable gaps in the market!
  11. Jason Charnes has built Job Boardly - Launch a job board for your audience, niche, community, or company without writing a line of code.
  12. Christian Helvin has beta launched - Take notes, make todos, write messages, and manage your day all inside your meeting!
  13. Alexis is working on, a productivity app for freelance writers, and , an anonymous peer-to-peer employee recognition app.
  14. Min.Wang built a visual group card tool called funkudo
  15. Salil Sethi has built (comprehensive NFT insights)
  16. Meiko Patton has designed - WOC stress-relief & affirmation colouring book
  17. Sai Upadhyayula is working on his Youtube Channel with 16k subscribers -, where he teaches mainly about Spring Boot and Microservices.
  18. Chuck Brockman has launched - Get more leads with a 1-click mobile optimized contact page for your business.
  19. Vinny has built - podcast transcription tool
  20. Artem Smirnov is working on - Minimalistic analytics for your landing page
  21. Korede Onamade is building - Monitoring for non-technical teams
  22. Michael Liendo is writing Fullstack MicroSaaS on AWS book
  23. Ryan Strickler Launched SnailBox on ProductHunt and stood at #3 on Product of the day
  24. Gourav Goyal built ChatGPTWriter to help generate entire emails or replies based on a few keywords that you input

What’s coming for 2023:

  • Create more reports around the opportunities.
  • Create Deep-dive reports with data around competitors, traffic sources, keyword search volumes etc
  • We are betting big on the community.
  • So far the community is primarily async and now we want to plan doing monthly calls to start with.
  • Most of the founders struggle getting a cofounder. We want to see if we can help Pro subscribers get a cofounder with a complimentary skills set.
  • Work with other IndieHackers to bring in some good deals with LTDs and also see if we can help people sell and acquire businesses (Or may be partner with current marketplaces)

Overall I want to grow our current ecosystem into the best ecosystem for people who want to know the trends, get into the ecosystem, build side projects and start making revenue.

These are some of the rough thoughts I have around Micro SaaS HQ and let’s target for a stronger 2023.

If you are still waiting to build profitable business and looking to get into the ecosystem and get more trends, you can get a Pro subscription and get access to hundreds of Micro SaaS Ideas, deep-dive reports and access to closed community of founders, builders, makers.