3 Micro SaaS Ideas around White-Label Products

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3 Micro SaaS Ideas around White-Label Products

White-label is right now one of the biggest and often neglected ways of generating revenues. A white-label software is a generic software without any branding that a company can rebrand with its own logo and sell as its own service. Let’s see some of the companies making revenue with ‘white-label’ features.

What is White-Labeling?

White labeling describes the process by which a company removes its branding from a product or service and adds the branding of another entity.

It allows the purchasing company to get into the industry without having the capacity to make the product in the first place. It also saves them a lot of time and resources that they’d otherwise send making the product.

Another advantage of purchasing a white-label product is that the purchasing company can expand their current offerings by incorporating these products into their existing offerings, giving their customers more options. When companies purchase white-label items, they can expand their range of products and offer a more comprehensive experience to their customers.

Why do Companies Create White-Label Products?

  • White-label products help with scaling the satisfaction for your users. Let’s say you have 1000 users paying $50/m and you are seeing a lot of churns. The quickest and easiest way would be to add value to your users by adding something more to what you are currently offering to your subscribers/users. The fastest way to add ‘that additional value’ is by introducing a new feature, new product, new service that’s built on White-label.
  • While you can certainly build your solutions, trying white-label products will help you go up and running much faster with no requirement for a complex setup.
  • Most white-label products are plug and play mode and are easier to try.
  • The white-label option is just another form of B2B. You are converting your B2C SaaS or service into a B2B by adding a new offering under the ‘white-label’ option.

The white-label option is often neglected by most founders/builders while it is actually a high-value revenue-generating option if executed well. White-label market primarily runs on the premise of - ”People who have audience can get the required tech/service in the form of white-label and can add value to their audience super-quick without a lot of hassles”

Micro SaaS Ideas around White-Label Products

Idea #01 -White-label Quiz Maker

Create a Micro SaaS solution where customers can build their own quiz-maker using your software. Their end product would be running on the customer’s domain/subdomain where their user’s login and create quizzes (White-labelled quiz creator) is currently at estimated revenue of $35K MRR. You can extend a similar concept to surveys, feedback tools as well where anyone can spin up and run the product on their own domain/subdomain and offer it to their end customers.

Idea #02 - White-label Social Media Automation tool

Having to manage multiple social media accounts can become overwhelming sometimes. That’s where social media automation tools step in. Social media automation tools not only help you automate your tasks but also offer numerous other benefits. These tools will allow you to save time and focus on more important things. Automating social media activities requires setting the right strategies and processes that are often difficult to manage.

Social media automation tools have been developed by various companies to help social media managers with their daily tasks. There are many Micro SaaS solutions around social media automation but companies and agencies need something around their brand for their end customers.

Create a White-label Social Media Automation tool where agencies and customers with audiences can buy this and use it for their end customers. around a similar concept with a white-label option has an estimated revenue of $19M/year.

Idea #03 White-Label File Uploader

File uploader for SaaS applications is still a problem to be solved because of the complexities involved with setup, storage, limitations, setting error messages, etc. That is why the Micro SaaS solutions like crossed $1K MRR in less than 6 months after the launch.

Create a similar Micro SaaS solution for customers who want to add ‘file uploader’ functionality to their apps. But instead of storing the files on your own servers and ‘locking-in’ the customers, provide a solution that customers can get as a one-package that helps them to the file upload functionality into their apps under white-label option without the need for a lot of tech setup.