White Label SaaS

White labeling software is the process where a company removes its branding from a software product or service and adds the branding of its clients.

White Label SaaS

What is White Label software?

White labeling software is the process where a company removes its branding from a software product or service and adds the branding of its clients. White label SaaS solutions allow a purchasing company to get into the SaaS market without having to develop the software from scratch. This saves purchasers time and resources they would otherwise spend finding a new SaaaS idea, creating software themselves and avoid the due diligence required in buying a SaaS business.

Advantages of starting a SaaS business with White Label SaaS software

  • A major advantage of purchasing a white-label SaaS or a micro saas product is that the purchasing company can expand its current offerings by incorporating these products into its existing offerings, giving its customers more options. When companies purchase white-label software, they can expand their digital product range and offer their customers a more comprehensive experience.
  • White-label software helps with scaling the satisfaction of your users. Let’s say you have 1000 users paying $50/m, and you see a lot of churn. The quickest and easiest way would be to add value to your users by adding something more to what you currently offer to your subscribers/users. The fastest way to add ‘that additional value’ is by introducing a new feature, product, or service built on White-label.
  • While you can certainly build your solutions, trying white-label software will help you go up and running much faster with no requirement for a complex setup.
  • Most white-label SaaS are in plug-and-play mode and are easier to try.
  • The white-label software option is just another form of B2B SaaS. You are converting your B2C SaaS or service into a B2B by adding a new offering under the ‘white-label’ option.

Can you build a SaaS business with White Label Software?

The white-label SaaS option is often neglected by most SaaS founders/builders, while it is actually a high-value revenue-generating option if executed well. The white-label software market primarily runs on the premise that - ”People who have an audience can get the required tech/service in the form of white-label and can add value to their audience super-quick without a lot of hassles.”. Businesses can launch their own SaaS rapidly by partnering with software vendors specializing in white labeling software solutions.
Below are a few companies making money with white-label SaaS:
  • CompleteCRM: White label CRM and marketing automation software that integrates marketing, sales, and operations.  The estimated revenue is $260K/year.
  • GuruCan: Gurucan provides the resources and tools to create and publish your content and products as a White Label app under your brand in AppStore and GooglePlay. Received $250K in funding.
  • SiteChecker: White-label SEO reports for agencies and marketers with a fully customizable SEO dashboard. The estimated revenue is $98K MRR.
  • RavenTools: Create and share white-labeled SEO reports with rank tracking, auditing, and backlink research tools. The estimated revenue is $750K/year.
  • Botsify: White label companies and agencies can partner with Botsify Chatbots and Live Chat solution to expand their product offerings and revenue. Founded in 2016. Currently at an estimated revenue of $5K MRR.
  • GetPlate: Whitelabel CMS. You can use Plate as a white-label CMS for your company and manage all your customers and their websites within the white-label environment from a clear dashboard. The estimated revenue is $6M/year.
  • NudgeCoach: Nudge Coach is a no-code SaaS platform witha white-label program that makes it easy to customize a coaching app for your clients. Received $2M in funding.

12 Best White Label SaaS Software to start a SaaS business

Here are some companies offering white-label for their digital products that you can use to start a SaaS /Micro SaaS business:
Flezr: Build Powerful Data-Driven Dynamic Websites Without Coding
Simvoly: White Label Website Builder
Tapfiliate: White Label Affiliate Software.
Riddle: White-labelled quiz creator.
GreenLotus: White Label Keyword Research Tools For Agencies!
SEOptimer: White Label SEO Audit Tool
JungleWorks: Create a White Label Marketplace Software for your On-Demand Business
WishLoop: A white-label platform for Lead Generation
Shoutem: White Label Mobile app builder for iPhone & Android – App maker without coding.
Ecwid: White Label E-commerce.
EnrolChat: White label chatbot for your customers.
UbiSend: Your very own chatbot platform under your brand.
Trainerize: White-label app for fitness business.
CoSend: White label social media tool for agencies & SaaS.
Logo: Set up your custom-branded logo builder under white-label.
AppInstitute: The Ultimate White Label App Builder.
Thriveific: Thriveific is a business management app provider with a white-label web app to manage your business.
Dely: White label delivery solutions. Get your own Uber Eats-like product in 7 days.
VidPros: White Label Video Editing.
Eskimi: White-label Ad management platform.
Tribe: Tribe is the easiest way to set up a white-label community for your audience.
Duda: White Label Website Builder.

8 White Label Software Ideas

Some good SaaS ideas that you take as inspiration for building your own startup providing while label solutions

1. White-label community software: 

Almost all companies realized that they need to build a community around their audience to reduce the churn and build connections with customers. But building community software like Facebook needs a lot of tech and resources. Instead of spending a lot of money and reinventing the wheel, most companies are looking for community software that companies can plug and play.
White-label community software providers like Circle.so and Tribe.so are already making thousands of dollars with their white-label community software. Tribe.so founded in 2018 is at an estimated revenue of $190K MRR. Circle in this space recently raised $24M in funding. Create a white-label community software with required features like dashboards, reporting, admin capabilities, social sharing features, etc. Talk to people who have an audience and to start with offer a free concierge service where you will set up the whole community to a few of your initial customers.

2. Mobile App Maker: 

Mobile app development is an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. Mobile App Maker makes it easy to create your own apps, at a fraction of the cost, and in a fraction of the time. In fact businesses of all sizes and types are spending more on mobile app development than ever before and they’re doing it for solid reasons. Create a Mobile-App maker with a white-label option that can be used by companies to brand it as their product and that can be used by their end customers.
 For example, BuildFire.com in this space is doing well with an estimated revenue is $5M/year. The same is the case with Shoutem.com with an estimated revenue is $5M/year. See more data around the related keywords and volume.

3. White-label affiliate software:

Affiliate marketing is a popular way to make money online by promoting products and services. There are many software programs on the market that can automate this task. If you’re not familiar with affiliate software, it’s basically a piece of code that runs on your website. The purpose is to help you generate (and track) affiliate commissions. There are a bunch of great affiliate software programs out there. Many growth marketing agencies want to set up affiliate marketing for their end customers but still want to maintain their brand without going through third-party services.
This is where a white-label affiliate software can help so that agencies can offer this under their brand. Create a Micro SaaS solution around this. Tapfiliate.com in this space has an estimated revenue of $100K MRR.

4. White-label Restaurant Apps, Training/Fitness App, Business Apps:

There is an entire suite of apps required for various businesses like training, fitness, mentoring, restaurants, etc. Many individuals and companies who want to start their businesses need apps and websites around their segment. Create a Micro SaaS solution around this where customers can enter basic information about their business like logo, business information, etc and your Micro SaaS should be able to generate apps and websites around their business. Note that products like these are high-value sales.
For example, Trainerize.com is a white-label app for fitness businesses and is currently at an estimated revenue is $14M/year. Similarly, NudgeCoach.com is a white label coaching app to power your online programs, and it’s a no-code SaaS platform that makes it easy to customize a coaching app for your clients. NudgeCoach recently received $2M in funding.

5. White-label Chatbot: 

Gone are the days when people sit at the help desk and answer customers’ queries. Chatbots are quickly becoming the preferred method of customer service. They can not only save your staff time and energy, but they provide a more personable experience for customers. Chatbots are an effective way for companies to provide a more efficient, natural interface for customers. They answer questions that people searching a website might have, streamlining the customer support process.
Create a Micro SaaS around chatbot where customers buy the white-label solution and provide us chatbot creation capabilities to their end-users under their own brand. InstaBot.io with a similar set up has an estimated revenue of $7K MRR. Botsify in the same space has $5K MRR. UbiSend.com around the same has an estimated revenue is $325K/year.

6. White-label SEO tools:

There are many SEO tools around keyword tracking, SERP tracking, Onpage suggestions, Page crawling. Create SEO tools around white-label options so that agencies and companies can buy these tools/software and brand it under their company and can resell them to their customers. Instead of targeting B2C by selling directly to customers, you can actually build a business around B2B by selling these tools with a white-label option to agencies that need to provide SEO to their end customers.
 SERankin.com with white label SEO option has an estimated revenue of $8M/year. SEOptimer with their White Label SEO Audit Tool has an estimated revenue of $20K MRR. SiteChecker in a similar space around SEO tools with white-label options has an estimated revenue of $98K MRR. RavenTools that serves white-label SEO reports has an estimated revenue of $750K/year.

7. White-label Quiz Maker: 

Create a Micro SaaS solution where customers can build their own quiz-maker using your software. Their end product would be running on the customer’s domain/subdomain where their user’s login and create quizzes. 
Riddle (White-labelled quiz creator) is currently at estimated revenue of $35K MRR. You can extend a similar concept to surveys, feedback tools as well where anyone can spin up and run the product on their own domain/subdomain and offer it to their end customers.

8. White-label Social Media Automation tool: 

Having to manage multiple social media accounts can become overwhelming sometimes. That’s where social media automation tools step in. Social media automation tools not only help you automate your tasks but also offer numerous other benefits. These tools will allow you to save time and focus on more important things. Automating social media activities requires setting the right strategies and processes that are often difficult to manage. Social media automation tools have been developed by various companies to help social media managers with their daily tasks. There are many Micro SaaS solutions around social media automation but companies and agencies need something around their brand for their end customers.
Create a White-label Social Media Automation tool where agencies and customers with audiences can buy this and use it for their end customers. GoHighLevel around a similar concept with a white-label option has an estimated revenue of $19M/year.
Whatever software idea you pick, remember to initially build only a SaaS MVP , track your SaaS metrics and validate it before investing more time and resources.

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